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Water Damage Doral Specialist has done an excellent job of assisting our division of pinpointing specific areas of water intrusion and leaks. They worked well into the evening removing water from the unit and setting up drying equipment. I highly recommend this company to anyone who might be in need of this type of service.
- B. James

Fire Damage and Smoke Removal Company Doral

There is a wide variety of damage caused by fire and smoke, especially persistent odors that can spread throughout There is a large variety of fire damages that can be caused by fire and smoke, especially persistent odors, which can spread throughout a building and contaminate both the contents and structure of a property.

Almost every fire loss that can be experienced is highly disruptive, to personal or business routines, and very often results in the displacement of any occupants during the necessary restoration process.

Types of Smoke:

Our experienced specialists test the smoke to identify the type of fire that took place. The various smokes are as follows:

• Dry Smoke – This occurs in very high heat and fast burning fires.
• Wet Smoke – This has a very strong odor. It is caused by low heat, and is smoldering and sticky.
• Protein – This has an extremely strong odor. It is very hard to see, stains walls, ceilings, and various other surfaces.
• Fuel Oil Soot – This typically comes from defective oil burning furnaces etc.

When your property is damaged by an encounter with fire, you really do need experts to advise you on how to proceed with the situation. We offer expert fire damage procedures and smoke removal services; all the while assisting you with the insurance claim process.

We will work closely with your insurance adjuster and insurance company, so that you don’t have too. We can expertly negotiate your fire damage restoration claim whilst adhering to all codes and standards set in place. We will do the job right the very first time (which can prevent future damage), and we will always strive to save you, and your insurance company, money.

Water Damage Doral employs certified technicians, who understand the frustrations and trauma that fire damage can cause when it wreaks havoc on a property. We will properly evaluate the loss, test all damaged materials, select the optimum restoration alternative procedure, coordinate with any insurance professionals, and finally; expertly restore your property to its pre-loss condition.understand the frustrations and trauma that fire damage causes. We will properly evaluate the loss, test damaged materials, select the optimum restoration alternative, coordinate with insurance professionals and restore property to a pre-loss condition.

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